Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class - Wait List by Kim Krause Schwalm

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class - Wait List

Six multi-million-dollar control breakdowns.
One massively-valuable experience.

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Do you love studying, dissecting, and taking apart successful control promos?

When you join Kim’s Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class, you’ll get to hear first-hand as she pulls back the curtain on six of her longest-running, “unbeatable” health and supplement promos and gain highly profitable insights you can apply to your own copy. 

It's the best way to go from "never written a long-form promo" to mastering the six-figures-plus-per-promo, royalty-paying secrets of top A-list copywriters.

Here’s what you get in each of Kim's six multi-million-dollar control breakdowns:

  • Video and audio recordings of Kim doing each in-depth control breakdown: How did she do her research? How did she come up with her “big idea” and main headline? How did she decide on that lead approach? Why structure the promo the way she did? What techniques did she use to keep the prospect reading? Why did she write the close copy the way she did? What other tests were done with the promo (what worked, what didn’t?) And much more…

  • Summary of key points and takeaways from each control breakdown in downloadable PDF you’ll refer back to again and again

  •  Complete word-for-word transcript in a downloadable PDF for each control breakdown that help do the note-taking for you!

  • Full promo PDF plus any related tests and/or traffic driver emails, and in some cases PDFs of the promos Kim had to beat

The highly-successful, six-figure-plus-royalty-paying health and supplement promos that Kim will be “dissecting” include:

CircO2 (Advanced Bionutritionals):

  • Strong current control that’s been running successfully for 3+ years as an online sales page and direct mail promo

SuperFoods Rx book (Boardroom):

  • “Bookalog” direct mail promo that mailed for 10 years as the control for the publisher formerly known as Boardroom

Advanced Memory Formula (Advanced Bionutritionals):

  • Highly successful direct mail control that was “unbeatable” for more than 8 years

My Sinus Miracle (Green Valley Natural Solutions):

  • Strong current control that’s been running successfully online for nearly 2 years

Integrative Digestive Formula (Advanced Bionutritionals):

  • Current direct mail and online control that’s been going strong for nearly 9 years

OPC Miracle Joint Complex (Nature Trade Center):

  • One of Kim’s first direct mail promos, it ran for more than 10 years as a successful control

Plus you get 4 valuable bonus gifts immediately after you join:

  • BONUS GIFT #1: Vital Force anti-aging supplement control breakdown: David Garfinkel interviews Kim about one of her successful, long-running online sales page controls for Green Valley Natural Solutions. Your bonus gift includes the full audio recording plus promo PDFs and a PDF of the full transcript.

  • BONUS GIFT #2: Royalty Negotiation “Cheat Sheet”: Your handy “at-a-glance” reference tool for negotiating the best possible royalty deals with clients. How to structure royalty deals for different types of promos, how much to ask for, DO’s and DON’Ts when putting together arrangements, contract must-haves, and much more!

  • BONUS GIFT #3: Supplement Copy Compliance Secrets: Kim shares tips and tactics from her decades of experience writing and overseeing supplement copy to help you master the art of writing compliant copy that sells...while keeping you and your clients out of trouble! While these won't be "secrets" for experienced supplement copywriters, they provide a great primer for anyone who's new to writing this type of copy.  Note: these tips are no substitute for getting qualified legal guidance from an attorney.

  • BONUS GIFT #4: Gene Schwartz Transcript of his talk to Phillips Publishing, Inc.: It's a "master class" just on its own to read through the brilliant copywriting and marketing insights revealed in this 34-page word-for-word transcript of this legendary copywriter's presentation. And Kim was lucky enough to have been in the room! MUST reading (and re-reading) for any serious copywriter.

Stay tuned for more details for when the doors are open for this one-of-a-kind, multi-million-dollar control master class. Get on the wait list to be among the first to get access!